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Messaline is a fictional planet in the long-running British science fiction television programme Doctor Who. It's first appearance was in the sixth episode of the fourth series, "The Doctor's Daughter". It was broadcast on BBC One on 10 May 2008.


The first colonization start around a month before the seven-day war broke out. Robots were used to build the habitat, and every day, they would stamp the date in a metal plate and place it in random locations. Eventually, there was a power vacuum as the mission commander was killed and then the Humans and Hath declared war on each other on 17 July, 6012 (New Byzantine Calendar).
Equipied with machines that extract tissue samples in order to create direct descendants of the owner of the tissue sample, or a form of a cloning machine, the Human and Hath wage a war over the famed Source, of which they believe gave life to everything around them. The Source is later found to be a third generation Terraforming device, containing Amino Acids and chemicals to accelerate the evolution of the life forms inside.
The Doctor and his Companions, along with his daughter, find out that the meaning of the metal stamps and figure out it is the date, discovering that the war only started seven days ago. Countless generations have been produced by the Progenation Machine and have been killed, therefore making the war a long-lasting legendary battle since no one has lived long enough to tell about it. The Source is set free by the Doctor and later Terraforms the planet supposedly into a Rainforest like world. The war ends on 24 July, 6012 and the two races coexist in peace.

Climate and Charactistics

The planet is barren and devoid of life when it is first colonized. There were numerous Tar pits and no plants of any kind, with the exception of a few, possibly dead, trees. The planet has three moons of which light up the night sky. The atmosphere contains 80 percent nitrogen and 20 percent oxygen and high ozone levels, very similar to earth. However, the surface of the planet does have high amounts of radiation.

Other notable features

The planet is also known for the birthplace of Jenny, the daughter of the Tenth Doctor, who was created by a tissue sample from the Doctor's hand upon arrival on July 24 and used in a cloning machine that rearranges the DNA and grows a fully formed adult soldier. She is later killed by a bullet, yet later revives, similar to a Time Lord.
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